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Toward Assessing Dispositions of the Liberally Educated

Subject: assessment
Date: 2010-11-22
In a world of freely available content knowledge, the value added by higher education is increasingly in the habits of mind we have a hard time measuring, such as curiosity, tenacity, and social responsibility. On two fronts we may be seeing progress on this bleeding edge of learning outcomes assessment. Faculty in the Schools of Education at Eastern Kentucky University and Northern Kentucky University, responding to NCATE accreditation standards that explicitly include disposition among the hallmarks of student learning, have customized a Perceptual Psychological instrument to evaluate student perspectives such as "perceptions of purpose in terms of larger implications, rather than smaller insignificant outcomes; and a frame of reference that focuses on people concerns, rather than things." Meanwhile, educators at the University of Minnesota are developing tools to demonstrate quantitatively that study abroad fosters hard-to-measure qualities of civic engagement, social responsibility, and intercultural competence. Presenting:
M. Mark Wasicsko, Northern Kentucky University
Gerald W. Fry, University of Minnesota

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