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The Bologna Process for U.S. Eyes: Re-learning Higher Education in the Age of Convergence

Subject: Bologna
Date: 2009-04-01
This is the definitive, 250-page account of the Bologna Process, by its main expert and advocate in the U.S., Clifford Adelman of the Institute for Higher Education Policy.  From the preface:  "Since May of 1999, 46 European countries have been engaged in reconstructing their higher education systems to bring about a greater degree of “convergence,” i.e. a move toward common reference points and operating procedures to create a European Higher Education  Area . . . That means harmonization, not standardization.  When these national higher education systems work with the same reference points they produce a “zone of mutual trust” that permits recognition of credentials across borders and significant international mobility for their students. Everyone is singing in the same key, though not necessarily with the same tune. In terms reaching across geography and languages, let alone in terms of turning ancient higher education systems on their heads, the Bologna Process is the most far reaching and ambitious reform of higher education ever undertaken."
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