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Online Learning Set To Soar

Subject: on-line
Date: 2009-04-01
Article in eSchool News summarizes a presentation by Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School to a meeting of the American Association of School Administrators.  He argues that on-line learning is at a tipping point and will rise to 50% of seat time within ten years.  From the article:  "Until now, it has been very expensive to teach to students' individual needs, he said-and yet, research shows that's how students learn best. One reason online learning is attractive is because it allows for more of this cus tomized approach to instruction than can be found in many classrooms. But now, software that enables every child to learn at his or her own pace is becoming a scalable, modular way to deliver customized learning, Christensen said - and it's another economically important solution for schools."
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