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Counting and Recounting: Assessment and the Quest for Accountability

Subject: assessment
Date: 2007-01-01
Lee Shulman writes in Change Magazine, reflecting in interesting ways on the significance of what we choose to include in our reports of educational effectiveness:  in effect, we can shape the thinking of our external stakeholders, educating them about our priorities as we report on how we're doing.  From the article:  "We must account for higher-order understanding and critical thinking, in addition to factual knowledge and simple skills.  We must tell of the development of civic responsibility and moral courage, even when our stakeholders have not thought to ask for those books."
Change-Magazine-Articles-Counting-and-Recounting-Assessment-and-the-Quest-for-Accountability.pdf Change-Magazine-Articles-Counting-and-Recounting-Assessment-and-the-Quest-for-Accountability.pdf

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